Results 2013

I’m pleased to say that we raised £220 for the charity (The Lincolnshire And Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance Charitable Trust) , you can see the donation on this page:

A few people on this list said that they would come but never turned up on the day, naughty folks. Perhaps they might also like to donate 🙂

Thanks to SteamDesk for donating the food and prizes. Although “they” didn’t get much choice, it’s our host Ross’ company 😉

Special thanks to Dave Langley for being such a stalwart, for helping with the technical stuff, organising the competition format, and much more.

The Cracker Competition format was a great success – players were divided into groups of four, playing two games on a pair of randomly-chosen machines. layers “knocked out” of the main tournament were shunted into a “last chance” tournament, which gave them a chance to get back in to a single slot in the semi-finals. This guaranteed everyone at least 4 tournament games, and the more experienced players tended to get twice as many as that. This was always a prime concern for me as organiser (I hate travelling a long way to compete only to get knocked out after just a couple of games!)

It was a nail-biting final on Centaur, with Chris Edis looking like a really strong contender having played blindingly good games on the same machine during earlier rounds – but a couple of unlucky balls and David Dutton’s masterful demonstration of skill over nerves made it just a bit too hard for Chris to get up to the top spot. Terry Sullivan got within striking range of the lead after almost abandoning the table a moment too soon (his ball drained just moments before a multiball started, and everyone shouted for him to get back to the table as he turned to walk away!) Mark Potter had played a great game, but ended up just squeezed out from the second prize position by Terry.

The full scores spreadsheet is available here: Christmas Cracker Scores 2013

Position Player Name
1 David Dutton
2 Terry Sullivan
3 Mark Potter
4 Chris Edis
=5 Peter Hannan
=5 Ross Hamilton
=7 Kate Morris
=7 Mike Coates
=9 Nick Marshall
=9 Wayne Johns
=11 Will Dutton
=11 Dave Langley
=13 Peter Scheldt
=13 Phil Dixon
=13 Jim Lindsay
=13 William Hamilton (took the prize for Best Junior)
=17 John Bateson
=17 Richard Rothwell-Jackson
=17 Paul Hamilton
=17 Anna Langley (Junior player)
=21 Sam Austen (Junior player)
=21 Sal Langley
=21 Julie Chambers
=21 Matthew Brinicombe
=21 Anne Coates
=26 Wendy Hamilton
=26 Nicholas Hamilton (Junior player)
=26 Adam Austen (Junior player)
=29 Kitty Hamilton
=29 Lewis Douglas