Results 2014

I’m pleased to say that on the day we raised £510 for the charity (The Lincolnshire And Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance Charitable Trust), you can see the donation on this page:

Thanks to SteamDesk for donating the food and prizes. Although once again “they” didn’t get much choice, it’s our host Ross’ company 😉

Special thanks to Dave Langley for being such a stalwart, for helping so much with the technical stuff, organising the competition format, and much more. Special thanks also to Mike (Macro) and Anne Coates for donating the bottle of single malt whiskey to be raffled. Also thanks to Peter Blakemore, who jumped in to help without being asked and took a lot of the pressure off Dave through the afternoon, organising the score sheet draws, game selections, and so on.

The Completed 2014 Tournament Chart

We were once again really pleased with the format, which was similar to last year, with some modifications to handle the larger number of players. The entrants were divided into groups of three or four, to play first games on a randomly-chosen machine. Players “knocked out” of the main tournament were shunted into a “last chance” tournament, which gave them a chance to get back in to a single slot in the semi-finals. The players in the “last chance” tournament got to play twice as many games each round as those in the top, on the basis that the better players tended to have longer games, and we only had time for about 200 individual games of pinball in the 3(ish) hours allocated to the competition. This guaranteed everyone at least 3 tournament games, and the more experienced players tended to get twice as many as that. This was always a prime concern for me as organiser (I hate travelling a long way to compete only to get knocked out after just a couple of games!) We kept some machines to one side, so there were always machines available to play.

For the final, we took the slightly controversial decision to play on Hi Ball / Space Team, which we thought was a good leveller (it’s a rare machine that nobody present had played before). On the negative side, the flippers could really do with a re-build so the random element was perhaps a little more pronounced than was desirable! The final was played between James Watson, Martin Ayub, David Mainwaring and Peter Blakemore, with James coming out champion, and David coming in second place. Best Junior winner was William Hamilton, for the second year running.

The full scores spreadsheet can be downloaded here. The results table is as follows:

Position Name Space Team score (finalists)
1 James Watson 2368270
2 David Mainwaring 2161160
3 Martin Ayub 1542280
4 Peter Blakemore 378060
=5 David Dutton
=5 Nick Marshall
=7 Wayne Johns
=7 Sal Langley
=9 Ross Hamilton
=9 Tim Slow
=11 Chris Edis
=11 Ian Simms
=14 Mike Coates
=14 Phil Dixon
=14 William Hamilton
=14 Terry Sullivan
=18 Matthew Brinicombe
=18 Anne Coates
=18 Dave Langley
=18 Paul Read
=25 John Bateson
=25 Martin Borrill
=25 Julie Chambers
=25 Richard Hughes
=25 Lynne Ladlow
=25 Richard Rothwell-Jackson
=25 Rowan Salger
=25 Keith Withnall
=25 Michael Withnall
=25 Rhys   Brigham-Slow
=33 Gabriel Bateson
=33 Kitty Hamilton
=33 Eddie Lehan
=33 Tony Markou
=33 Kate Morris
=33 Garry Speight
=38 Nicholas Hamilton
=38 Peter Ladlow
=38 Anna Langley
=38 Barnaby Simms

Here are the results of the Judge Dredd Supergame high score competition (sadly, not everyone had time to enter this).

Name Score Rank
Martin Ayub 745,782,350 1
Garry Speight 697,563,510 2
Eddie Lehan 535,811,720 3
James Watson 525,451,310 4
Peter Blakemore 495,682,670 5
Phil Dixon 475,009,740 6
Wayne Johns 467,024,970 7
David Mainwaring 418,214,760 8
Kate Morris 411,775,040 9
Rowan Salger 350,791,250 10
John Bateson 312,371,740 11
Sal Langley 305,995,160 12
Chris Edis 283,612,300 13
David Dutton 280,745,130 14
Richard Hughes 278,974,950 15
Nick Marshall 278,243,300 16
Richard Rothwell-Jackson 261,339,650 17
Matthew Brinicombe 203,464,430 18
Julie Chambers 169,375,690 19
Martin Borrill 159,963,320 20
Tony Markou 156,631,550 21
Paul Read 147,021,250 22
Dave Langley 123,304,250 23
Michael Withnall 115,181,650 24
Tim Slow 92,223,390 25
Keith Withnall 92,160,180 26

And a few pics to make this otherwise dull page a bit more interesting.