Results 2017


Name Game 1 Total Rank
William Dutton 4 4 1
Matt Vince 3 3 2
Peter Blakemore 2 2 3
David Mainwaring 1 1 4


I’m pleased to say that once again on the day we raised lots of money (figure to follow) for the charity,  Shepshed Community First Responders



Trophies 2017

Once were kindly donated by Rob Taylor / TLC Consulting ( There were three adult and three junior trophies (pictures to follow):

Thanks particularly to Terry Sullivan for hosting, to Wayne Johns for organising the competition format, and much more. Special thanks also to Julie Chambers for catering.  Thanks to everyone else who had some input!

The full results were as follows:

Final Standing name
Winner William Dutton
Runner up Matt Vince
3rd Peter Blakemore
4th David Mainwaring
5th Chris Edis
6th= Kevin Donovan
Paul Owen
8th= Dave Langley
Nick Marshall
11th= Craig Pullen
Kate Rothwell-Jackson
Wayne Johns
14th= Leo Marshall (U16)
Ross Hamilton
Simon Harper
17th= Phil Dixon
Tom Fletcher
David Dutton
20th= Dave Willcox
Daniel Bateson (U16)
Terry Sullivan
23rd= Alex Davis
John Bateson
Tim Porter
26th= Anna Langley (U16)
Hilary Hector
Richard Rothwell-Jackson
29th= Dan Lewell
Nicholas Hamilton (U16)
William Hamilton (U16)
32nd= Roy Smith
Effie Lewell (U16)
Steven Smith
35th= Jim King
Evie Butler (U16)
Alyssia Jarvis
38th= Louisa Lewell
Julie Chambers
Phoebe Lewell (U16)
41st= Marie-France Dutton
Rachel Butler
Gabriel Bateson (U16)
43rd Neil Butler
44th= Noah Hamilton (U16)

You can download them from here:  Xmas Cracker 2017