1. Players wishing to register for the Christmas Cracker Tournament should fill in the form below. Please note, due to the chosen tournament format places are limited to 48 players.

Please complete the form for each member of your party, including those who do not wish to compete in the tournament, so we can cater for the event accurately. All attendees (over the age of 16) will be required to pay £10 on the day of the event, regardless of their intention to compete. All money raised will be donated to this year’s nominated charity.

Please add a note to the form if any of your party are attending but not competing.


Current registered players:

  1. Terry Sullivan
  2. Wayne Johns
  3. Stan Simpson
  4. David Dodds
  5. Matt Vince
  6. Andrew Foster
  7. Peter Blakemore
  8. William Dutton
  9. Jim King
  10. Neil Butler
  11. Dan Lewell
  12. Tim Porter
  13. Ross (“web hamster”) Hamilton
  14. Nicholas Hamilton (U16)
  15. Noah Hamilton (U16)
  16. Dave Langley
  17. Sal Langley
  18. Anna Langley
  19. Phoebe Lewell (U16)
  20. Effie Lewell (U16)
  21. Louisa Lewell
  22. Max Lewell (U16)
  23. Julie Chambers
  24. Phil Dixon
  25. Kevin Donovan
  26. Dave Wilcox
  27. David Dutton
  28. Nick Marshall
  29. Leo Marshall (U16)
  30. Kate Rothwell-Jackson
  31. Richard Rothwell-Jackson
  32. Simon Harper
  33. Roy Smith
  34. Craig Pullen
  35. Mark Craven
  36. Neil Fellender
  37. Paul Owen
  38. Chris Edis
  39. Alan Syson
  40. Nick Baxter-Sibley
  41. Zoe Baxter-Sibley
  42. Hilary Hector
  43. CJ Brown
  44. Neil McRae
  45. Adam Lee
  46. Greg Mott

Reserve list and/or attending but not competing:

  1. Alyssia Jarvis
  2. You could be here…!