Christmas Cracker Pinball Tournament Format & Rules:

Player Groups

All people will be entered into an initial 3 or 4 player group, which will be chosen by the drawing of cards.

Player Order

The order of play will be the same as the group order for the first game, and reverse for the second game


All games will be played on the machines “as is”. This will typically be 3 ball, with no extra balls, although some older machines may vary.

Hung Balls

As before


In the initial rounds, each group will play 2 games on 2 separate machines to determine rank.

Points will be scored as 4, 2, 1 & 0.

A tiebreak, on the last machine played, will be played if required.

Scoring sheets will be provided for each round.

The lowest/fourth placed person in each group will drop into the “second chance bracket” the other players will progress to the next round and be allocated new groups based on their finishing position.

This will continue until there are 3 players from the initial grouping left, and one from the “Second Chance” bracket.

They will play a single game on a single machine to determine the winner.